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Your Star on the Walk of Fame

Only $15 US Dollar

Hollywood, Walk of Fame, American Walk of Fame, Gifts, Certificate, Gift Idea

Gift Idea: A Star on the American Walk of Fame. Honor your friend with this Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame. The stars already have one — Show your sweetheart who your star is. Bring your sweetheart a star from the sky. With this gift certificate you are always right.

Hollywood, Walk of Fame, American Walk of Fame, Gifts, Certificate, Gift Idea

Choose from five icons: Motion Pictures (Camera), Television (TV), Recording (record player), Radio (Microphone), Theater (Two Masks)

After the payment we send your Walk of Fame Certificate as pdf per E-Mail.


Name for the Certificate:

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an 18-block walkway in Los Angeles on either side of Hollywood Boulevard from Gower Street in the east to La Brea Avenue in the west. In addition, the Hollywood Walk of Fame continues three blocks northeast along Vine Street, starting at Sunset Boulevard in the south, crossing Hollywood Boulevard all the way up to Yucca Street. With more than 2,300 Hollywood stars to honor Bruce Willis on October 16, 2006, these street pieces honor celebrities who have or have played an important role in the entertainment industry.

The Walk of Fame was set up with its Hollywood stars in 1958 by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. This commissioned the Californian artist Oliver Weismuller to "face-lift" Hollywood. Each star is made of old pink terrazzo. In the stone is the name of the artist or group to be honored, as well as a symbol of the division in which the ceremony takes place. Joanne Woodward was honored with the very first star. As symbols are used:

★ a film camera for cinematic performances
★ a television for television performance
★ a record for musical achievements
★ a microphone for services on the radio
★ the double mask of tragedy and comedy for theater performances

On a section of the Walk of Fame, some celebrities have also pressed their hand and shoe prints and their autograph into the concrete.