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Do you want a Professorship? Try it out, as your name would sound like a honorary professorship. The Professorship sounds very good, you will say now. But how can I get such a Professorship? This is possible now. Here you can legally acquire various professorships without much effort and expense. In just a few hours you hold the documents in your hands.

All Professorships are Honorary Professorships are not academic degrees, but ecclesiastical honors in various disciplines. All Professorships are awarded by US churches or universities.

May it be something more? Choose from a variety of different disciplines, many of which were invented and brought to market by us. Choose not only an honorary professorship. Or give away an honorary professorship as a gift idea.

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After the payment we send your Professorship as pdf with E-mail.

All pdf Degree in US Letter 8.5 x 11 Inch (216 x 279 mm)

Buy your Professorship

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Buy your Professorship

A very special gift: This (honorary) Professorship (Professor Degree) is not about academic degrees, but about Honorary Professorships in religious areas. Professorship as a gift: e.g. Professor of Metaphysics (Professorship in Metaphysics) and many more titles possible.

Degree, Doctorate, Doctor Degree, Doctoral Degree, Professor Degree, Dr. h.c., Prof. h.c., Honorary Degree, Honorary, Gifts


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$11.90 US Dollar

Professorship from Grandville University Professorship from Townsend University Professorship from Waldfield University

We have negotiated with other US churches and can give you more professorships. We spared no expense and effort. For the first time you will find a provider, the title of several churches can offer. As with all honorary professorships take over the entire donation process. After the payment we send your degree within hours.

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Honorary Professorship

Professorship hc, an honorary professor (Prof. hc) is a worldwide awarded by many universities, governments or foundations title to persons, the "merits" of a thing (politics, science, history, etc.) of these Institution, the state etc. have acquired. That these "merits" not always be positive for the people, the honorary doctorates of many politicians.