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Buy Nobility Titles Lord and Laird

Only $15 US Dollar

Nobility Titles Lord and Laird Nobility Titles Lord and Laird Nobility Titles Lord and Laird

An extraordinary gift not everyone has: a true Irish Lord or Scottish Laird title that can be worn legally, e.g. when

John Doe, Laird / Lord of xyz oder
Laird / Lord Doe
Lord John Doe of xzy

You are also allowed to use our crest and receive a download.

Nobility Titles Lord and Laird Coat of Arms and Family Crest

You may also use the title of nobility plus coats of arms on letterhead or business cards.

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Nobility Titles Laird

After the payment we send your Nobility Titles as pdf with E-mail.

All pdf in US Letter 8.5 x 11 Inch (216 x 279 mm)

What does "Laird" or "Lord" mean?
Laird translated translated as country nobleman or squire. The title Laird is associated with the "good" or country in certain parts of Scotland. The title can not be separated from the country. This means that anyone who owns (or owns) a piece of land in the districts may automatically carry the title "Laird", regardless of the size of the country, theoretically also from a "squarefoot" large property. The title "Laird" is recognized worldwide.

The Irish Landlord title is similar - The Irish term "Tirana" means at the same time "landowner" and "Lord".

Give a noble title from Ireland or Scotland

Is the title of nobility inheritable?

Yes, co-ownership and title are inheritable. This keeps everything in family ownership.

What is the female form of the Laird / Lord?

The female form of Laird / Lord is Lady, and so it is also registered on the certificate.

Will I be registered as owner in the land register?

No, because that would go beyond the scope and would hardly be affordable. You will be with the issued certificate co-owner of our lands. A notarial certification is not necessary.

Become a Laird Title

Select one of the following Nobility titles "Lord" (Ireland) or "Laird" (Scotland) titles or the feminine form "Lady":

(Scottish) Laird of Camster
(Scottish) Laird of Clayton
(Scottish) Laird of Cranachan
(Scottish) Laird of Gairloch
(Scottish) Laird of Glencairn
(Scottish) Laird of John O'Groats
(Scottish) Laird of Jura
(Scottish) Laird of Loch Borralan
(Scottish) Laird of Manor
(Scottish) Laird of Muness

(Irish) Lord of Cork
(Irish) Lord of Kerry
(Irish) Lord of Roscommon
(Irish) Lord of Strandhill

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